Dragonflies 2017

Thursday 28th - Thursday 11th October

Several Migrant Hawkers and a couple of Black-tailed Skimmers have been noted between these dates.

Thursday 21st September

A day once again dominated by Migrant Hawkers with a total of 53 across the site, also 4 Emperor Dragonflies and 1 Black-tailed Skimmer.

Wednesday 20th September

Total's today included 17 Migrant Hawkers 6 Emperor Dragonflies and 6 Black-tailed Skimmers.

Friday 15th September

Another day dominated by Migrant Hawkers with a total of 32 across the site, there was also 4 Emperor Dragonflies and 3 Black-tailed Skimmers.

Thursday 14th September

A total of 16 Migrant Hawkers were seen today.

Friday 1st September

A total of 13 Migrant Hawkers were present on site today.

Thursday 31st August

Another good day for Migrant Hawkers with a total of 33 across the site, also 12 Emperor Dragonflies and 4 Black-tailed Skimmers. 

Thursday 24th August

A day dominated by Migrant Hawkers with a total of 25 across the site, there was also 8 Emperor Dragonflies and 6 Black-tailed Skimmers.

Wednesday 23rd August

Today's sightings included 10 Emperor Dragonflies and 2 Black-tailed Skimmers.

Wednesday 9th August

A total of 4 Emperor Dragonflies were around the site, also 5 Black-tailed Skimmers.

Thursday 3rd August

A day dominated by Migrant Hawkers with a total of 40 across the site, there was also 12 Emperor Dragonflies and 4 Black-tailed Skimmers.

Thursday 27th July

Today's sightings included 10 Emperor Dragonflies and 4 Black-tailed Skimmers.

Thursday 20th July

It was another good day for Emperor Dragonflies around the site with a total of 20 being present, also 7 Black-tailed Skimmers.

Wednesday 19th July

There was a good total of 24 Emperor Dragonflies around the site today, also 5 Black-tailed Skimmers and 15 Common blue Damselflies.

Thursday 13th July

Around the site today was Black-tailed Skimmers, 6 Emperor Dragonflies and 26 Common blue Damselflies.

Thursday 6th July

At the bottom lake today there was 3 Black-tailed Skimmers, 2 Emperor Dragonflies and 13 Common blue Damselflies.

Wednesday 5th July

A total of 11 Common blue Damselflies, 3 Black-tailed Skimmers and 2 Emperor Dragonflies were present at the bottom lake today.

Friday 30th June

Present at the bottom lake was 4 Emperor Dragonflies, 18 Common blue Damselflies and 6 Black-tailed Skimmers.

Thursday 29th June

A total of 8 Black-tailed Skimmers, 10 Common blue Damselflies, 1 Red eyed Damselflies and 7 Emperor Dragonflies were around the site today. 

Wednesday 21st June

Black-tailed Skimmers were the first recorded this year. 

Thursday 8th June

A total of 13 Common blue Damselflies were on site today.

Wednesday 24th May

3 Common blue Damselflies were present at the bottom lake.

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